Organizational Safety Management System (OSMS)

Hesnet provides all the persons responsible for managing workplace safety with the technology tools that are specific to their safety management functions. Hesnet's simple and easy to use user interface and functions makes managing workplace hazards and keeping workers safe a whole lot easier.

Hesnet automatically produces reports and graphs from all the data submitted so that you can assess the effectiveness of your workplace safety management program

OSMS User Categories:

Senior Managers

Hesnet engages the CEO or senior manager in their organization's safety and health program by giving them the technology tools to be informed and play an active role in the management of their workplace safety management system without burdensome responsibilities and tasks.


Involving every employee in an organization's workplace safety and health program could be challenging, especially when a large workforce exists. But Hesnet's technology connects and involves every employee in workplace safety programs through training, behavioral safety improvement and employee's feedback about workplace safety.

Safety Committee

Safety and Health committees play an important role in a company's workplace safety and health management program and Hesnet equips committees with the technology to be always up-to-date with their organization's safety and health program. Safety committee members can keep in touch remotely through messaging and online forums that allow them to discuss and act on workplace safety matters.

Managers and Supervisors

Middle managers and supervisors are the frontline of workplace safety management and Hesnet gives them the tools to effectively manage all their safety management responsibilities without sacrificing time and attention to other organizational managerial duties

Safety and Health Managers

Hesnet provides safety and health managers with the technology and mobility to handle all their workplace safety management responsibilities effortlessly and effectively. Hesnet's digital workforms allow safety managers to perform and document all their safety management functions like site inspections, accident reporting and investigations, facilitating OSHA inspections, communicating with employees, managers and safety committee members as well as developing and submitting organizational safety performance reports, etc.

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