Construction Site Safety Management System (CSSMS)

Managing hazards on multiple employer construction sites is made easier with Hesnet's web-based Construction Site Safety Management System (CSSMS). Project owners and main contractors can set up Hesnet's online CSSMS and provide all sub-contractors, suppliers and employers at work on their site with digital safety management tools to manage and report on their sub-contractor safety management responsibilities.

The safety of machinery and equipment, materials and materials storage, excavations, height access systems and other construction hazards are monitored and controlled with Hesnet's CSSMS to minimize accidents, OSHA violations and worker injuries.

Sub contractors can log into the main contractor's online site safety management account using any device including smart phones and tablets on site and communicate amongst themselves to report, remedy and manage construction hazards. Construction site employees can also log in and submit complaints or report unsafe conditions that exist on site.

Hesnet's CSSMS automatically saves all the data submitted, so that they can be reviewed later and used to ensure accountability for safety amongst all persons at work on the CSSMS managed construction site.

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