Asset Management System (AMS)

Whether it is managing an offshore offshore oil platform, a manufacturing plant, machinery and equipment or real estate, managing single or multiple assets of various sizes, characteristics and values is never easy for property owners and managers. But Hesnet’s web-based asset management system (AMS) makes asset management easier with smart technology tools that manage asset maintenance, logistics, management of change, deployment, performance and other asset management activities.

AMS User Categories:

Property Owners and Managers

Hesnet’s asset management system (AMS) provides the property manager with the technology tools to effectively manage single or multiple assets at multiple locations from a single and easy to use web based user interface. With AMS the property manager can easily evaluate and control asset operational costs, performance and profitability.

Property Inspectors

Hesnet's AMS provides property inspectors and auditors with the technology and mobility to handle all their property inspection, documentation and reporting responsibilities more effectively.

Maintenance Personnel and Contractors

Hesnet’s AMS effectively manages all the activities of maintenance personnel and contractors employed to maintain asset integrity through AMS’ management technology tools that commit maintenance personnel and contractors to electronic reporting of all maintenance and contract works.

Users and Occupants

Hesnet's AMS provides property owners and managers with the technology platform to electronically conduct surveys and receive reports, complaints or suggestions about the operations, use and management of their facilities from end users and occupants.

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